Hello My Name Is Jerry Smith (alias)

A telemarketer called our landline yesterday. My sister picked it up. After a very unconvincing conversation with the person, she asked for his name which he gave as, “Jerry Smith”. She latter recalled the events to me and I chuckled at his alias. Try to imagine that name said with a East-Indian accent!

But then it got me thinking; Telemarketing is the devil’s game.

The devil tries to disguise his presence in our lives every day. He makes it seem as if he is there to aide us, so he can gain our trust and use it to control our every move. He is cunning and never exposes his real self. He knocks at our heart and asks us to let him inside. Without dependable faith we are easily acceptable to his bewitching.

My sister was sensible in this situation. And, after confirming her suspicions, she hastily hung up. Ending the call was the only way to stop the man supplying her lies.

The bible says to flee fron temptation, (2 Tim 2:22). The bible also says the truth will set you free, (John 8:32).

And if your computer has a virus, and someone calls to fix it, it’s a scam!





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