Who Am I? “Not because of who I am. But because of what you’ve done. Not because of what I’ve done. But because of who you are”. – Casting Crowns. My identity is in Christ Jesus. My identity is for Christ Jesus. My identity is with Jesus Christ.

Is there such thing as too much work?

For October 6, 2017. If there is one word to describe this photo, it’s BLEAK. I work too much. Period. It has taken me roughly 90 days to figure this out. From July to October I have worked every day with only 7 days off off in total. But of course that is  expected with […]


I Am Not Ashamed To Cry. 

Does it ever feel so good to cry! Once every month I get emotional and want to cry. I use music as my energy pulling the emotions from within my soul. I’m neither sad nor happy. I cry because I can. Tonight is the night I cry. And I am not ashamed! Listen to Waves […]