A Letter To Amy (Finding Your Godly Purpose In Life)

On the afternoon of April 27, 2018, I sent a heart-filled email to my friend, Amy. We met at the beginning of April to hangout and have fun while sharing similar interests in faith. We parted, on good terms, and I promised to send her an email. This email; which I am going to share in just a moment. I shared this email with Amy, to encourage her through life events. And now I’m sharing it on my blog because want encourage others as well. As many christian youtubers have been a huge encouragement to me within the last several months. In fact this video inspired me to write this post.

To Amy,

I don’t have many christian friends “in real life” to talk about christian topics so often I find myself leaning towards social media for assistance. Whether it’s something I’m unsettled on or just curious about other people’s view on the subject.

A few weeks back I siad I would send you some links to christians who I follow on social media. So now I’m going to do exactly as I said. Here are my favourite christian YouTube channels. Hope you enjoy!

Savannah Lewie (my ultimate favourite channel at the moment)

Savannah Lewie is a young chistian woman who has a godly driven channel. Although this channel is initially hers, her husband Braden, is sometimes contributing to her videos. I really enjoy her BSWM (bible study with me) video playlist as well as her personal life stories. I’m pleased that she includes scripture with her videos when she gives explanations. I linked some of her best videos below.

A Far Away Distance

What I love about Becca (A Far Away Distance) is that she knows the importance of evangelism and it is evident in her life through the viedoes she creates. She openly speaks about her relationship with God through life experiences and mission trips. I can see the real excitement that she has for Jesus and it’s just so contagious. Again, proud of the bible verses. It’s like a shout out to Jesus!

Paul and Morgan

Paul and Morgan are a young married christian couple who give christian dating and relationship advice in a funny, positive light-hearted way. I know you’re not in the dating scene yet, neither am I, but if you’re curious I think their material is useful (Plus good christian stuff related to this topic is hard to come by these days)

Kytia L’amour  (I look to her as my mentor)

Kytia L’amour is a christain black women in the fashion, entertainment, and social media industry. I find she has a lot of solid advice about how to serve God while being in an industry where secularism is the norm. She also has  many other “walk with God” type videos. I appreciate how she ends her video with a prayer. I linked some of her best videos below.

Katie Gregiore

Katie Gregiore is a young christian woman who has a passion for controversial christian topics and other christian stereotypes. Her videos are mostly short rants with the intention of informing people about her opinions in a honest and genuine way. I linked a much-liked video below.

Matt & Est

Matt and Esther are a young christian couple who make christian videos on their channel. I’ve just recently subscribed to them, so I don’t really know them that well. But I’ve watched a several of videos and their content is great. I linked my favouite videos below.

Here are some other christian youtubers that I follow who I don’t really keep up do date on, but they promote solid christian advice and I know I can keep coming back to them from time to time. Coffee and Bible Time, and Girls Define.

As a bonus these are christian YouTube videos that I’ve found most encouraging -especially-recently during this season of my life.The majority these links are from the people I’ve mentioned above and some I found while searching. Also, lately I’ve been stuggling in my walk with the Lord and what I am supposed to do with my life as a christian, called to serve God and live like Jesus. So, a lot of these videos fall under the category of “christian life purpose”.

Savannah Lewie- How to Know Your Calling

Savannah Lewie – Time With God

Savannah Lewie – BSWM Peace

Savannah Lewie – BSWM Saved (As you can tell by now, I really admire Savannah Lewie)

Kytia Lamour – Why God Changes Your Dreams (What this video has to focus on is college and careers. I know you’re not quite there yet but this something I wish I had to help me before I got to that stage in my life)

Kytia Lamour – Everything Happens for a Reason (This video is kind of a follow up on her other video I linked above. So watch this second. Although I am not exactly going through the same season in life, she still speaks to me and I am able to relate to her overall message. (It is really good.)

Kytia Lamour – Hear God’s Voice (good points in here)

Gatie Gregiore- Purity (The first half of video is slightly controversial but the overall message and quote “I am a daughter of the living God……….” is phenomenal. Straight down to a T 🙂

Matt & Est – Can God Use Me (good points in here)

Matt & Est – Success (more good points in here)

Tiffany Dawn – Share Your Testimony (very direct)

Tiffany Dawn – What You Believe (very direct)

Leigh-Anne Dutton – Quiet Time With God (I found this video just the other day, out of the blue, and boy was it relevant to my life)

Charlotte Gambil- Choose Your Seat  I actually found it a year ago last April but re-watched again it recently. (This is an hour-long sermon-style conference video. Also I strongly recommend watching this video with your parents because of the way it’s presented)

So this basically sums up everything I wanted to share with you on YouTube. I wanted this to be thorough and so I gave you a tiny background into the channels and videos because, truth be told, it has to say a lot about who I am personally (what you feed yourself -watch- is who you are hehe . Also I don’t really follow a lot of Christian bloggers, as much as I used to, (that’s kind of old school 😉 Jk LOL. All of the people I’ve mentioned you can find their other social media linked in their ‘about’ page on YouTube, if you’re interested in leaning more about them.

Have a gorgeously awesome day,



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