The Secret Scent: Give A Spritz of Love And Let Love Linger

I’ve been waiting two whole months for this product and today I finally made the big purchase. I bought my one and only favourite fragrance Viktor&Rolf Flour Bomb. I adore it! This is the second time I bought my very own bottle of perfume. And I’m not talking about the typical spray from bath and […]


A Letter To Amy (Finding Your Godly Purpose In Life)

On the afternoon of  April 27th 2018, I sent a heart-filled email to my friend, Amy. We met at the beginning of April to hangout and have fun while sharing similar interests in faith. We parted, on good terms, and I promised to send her an email. This email; which I am going to share in just a moment. I shared this email with Amy, to encourage her through life events. And now I’m sharing it on my blog because want encourage others as well. As many christian youtubers have been a huge encouragement to me within the last severel months. In fact this video inspired me to write this post.