This is Eden

DISCLAIMER: This short story is a fictional interpretation of the events at the very beginning of the the bible known as the story of Adam and Eve/The Fall. You can read it in Genesis Chapters 1-3 . PS I’m not quite finished it yet……


She lay there, surrounded by green earth. The sun kissed her cheek as the the wind caressed her hair. Birds sang in mellow harmony. She could not imagine a place more beautiful than this: Perfect in every way. This place is Eden.


She turned around to look at man. His chest rose and fell like long waves against the shoreline. She gazed at his side with affection. She was part of him. She remembered the day she saw Man for the first time. Man taught her everything to know about Eden, and each they day made new discovories together. When the sky became hazy with rose-violet hues, they would return to the Garden of Eden for rest. As they lay down looking up at the heavens they would fall asleep to the music of spheres. When the light devoured darkness, morning dew touched the ground they new it was time to get up.

Man was always up before her. She could see him in the distance on the hilltop, talking. Talking aloud, but not alone. There, was the presence of The Creator.

The Creator, Yahweh. The maker of all creation, formed man from the ground. Dust, Dirt, Red ground. That is the meaning of Adam. Creator formed her out of man’s rib.


The man dreamed. The voice of The Creator called out to him from his sleep. “Adam Awake!”. He awoke laying on the ground. Creator spoke again, “Adam Arise.” He arose standing on the ground. The afternoon sun was heavy on his eyes.

How did She get here, yet somehow he knew. Man smiled and said, “Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh. You are Woman.”

Creator breathed/poured into her the breath of life and She was made a living soul. Just like Man.


She was so close, so close. She could look, She could smell, She could touch. But eating it was forbidden. There was a rustle from the leaves, and a movement in the trees, and a serpent sprang down from the branches. As if reading her thoughts, it replied, “Did God really say, not to eat from every in the Garden?”

“No, we can eat from every tree in the Garden except for one”, She paused, contemplating her response, “God says if we dare eat or even touch it we will for sure die.”

“Die, what is death? If you eat this fruit you will be like God and know both good and evil.”

Again she was so close, so close. She could look, she could smell, she could touch, and she ate. Just like that, she plucked a fruit off the tree and took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and then she knew. She felt uneasiness from the pit if her stomach She looked for the serpent but it was gone. Man was soon by her side.


Man walked toward woman. As he neared he saw that she has the forbidden fruit in her hand with a bite-size whole piercing the skin. “Eve?”

Man ate it also and immediately knew. She could tell by the way he looked at her differently. He looked different too. Their eyes met and it was as if they saw each other again for the first time. The realization could not be more clear. Together they made clothes.


Adam…..where are you, Adam?” Creator called

“I hear you, but you cannot see me. I am naked” Man replied

“If you know you are naked, you ate from the tree.”

“This is what I did? This is what She did! You gave this Woman to me!”

Creator turned towards her.

“The serpent, it was the serpent. It deceived me so I ate it”, She replied.

“Of all the things I have done for you and in return you both treat me like this!” Creator exclaimed.

They were guilty, they were naked, they were ashamed, they were frightened. All emotions they had never felt before. It was not good, no. And what ever happened next would not be good either. This was knowing both good and evil. Now death was implicable.

“I gave you one commandment, Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil in the middle of the Garden or you will you die. And you both ate. For this sin you will be punished.”

Death. The unfamiliar word haunted. She had never encountered death untill today yet somehow it seamed surreal.


“Put these on.” said Creator. And he gave them sheep’s clothing to cover themselves. “You are banned from the Garden hereafter.”

These clothes were unlike the awkward leafy greens that partially covered their bodies. It was soft like sheepskin. No more like a baby lambs fur when rub your hand across its white back.


She lay there surrounded by dark hard ground. The shadows of the moon clung to her cold body, as creatures made distant echos in the night. She could not imagine a place more sullen and awry than this. Everything was amiss. This was not EDEN.


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