Walking on Sunshine: The Yellow Brick Road To Nowhere

I am walking down the Yellow Brick Road to Nowhere. Nada. Or at least that’s how my life looks paved out for me right now. And all it took was a tornado to spin me off course.  I can tell you when I began this journey and when it will end, but I cannot predict the in-between. That’s where I’m stuck right now. It’s the going through I am I’m afraid of, fearful of not knowing what I  may encounter along the way. I have no red shoes, or silver shoes, or any type of magical slipper to zap me from one place to another, (although that would be nice). Whatever happens during my adventure I hope to discover a sense of meaning, tears of joy, and constant courage, to help me make the best of it. This is my journey; it begins November 8, 2017 and ends April 15, 2018.

Here’s a song that I think fits well with my post. Walk the Road by Kate Rusby.


I’m walking on sunshine, and it don’t feel so great, hey!




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