This is why I choose not to engage with BLM

The reason I am not affiliated with BLM is because I cannot, with good conscious, endorse an idea that appears to be destructive. Is that the kind of person I want to be represented as?  With that being said, I realise that some people do not acknowledge this destructive aspect of BLM, so I do not hold it against them when their intentions are for good but for the most part, I am truly devasted.

I can tell you one thing that disappoints me about BLM is that it has become part of the unspoken rules of society that everyone must follow. It seems to push the narrative, “I don’t care about your personal opinions or thoughts, your own morals or values, your own principles or convictions. Instead, as a living and breathing human being living on the planet, you must comply to BLM – and without question to it– all because society deems it to be a noble cause.  Also, if you don’t adhere to BLM along with their “over-emphasised” efforts there will be repercussions.”

Ask yourself: Why do the majority of BLM activists’ network with protest or support protesters, whether that be in person, through social media and multimedia, through buying and selling merchandise, or donating money? But let’s say I want to take part in BLM outside of the conventional criteria.  Can’t I just treat every black person I see as my neighbour with kindness and respect. Being a genuine person during the pandemic is much harder now that its impossible hug or shake hands, give a friendly smile hello, or walk over to someone who needs assistance. If that is not allowed then how can we mingle in close quarters to raise our hands, wave our signs, shout, jeer, spit, cause havoc, act out in violence, destroy and kill.

I challenge everyone go beyond the scope of common narratives and the popular stories of BLM and do what is right.


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