The Secret Scent: Give A Spritz of Love And Let Love Linger

I’ve been waiting two whole months for this product and today I finally made the big purchase. I bought my one and only favourite fragrance Viktor&Rolf Flour Bomb. I adore it! This is the second time I bought my very own bottle of perfume. And I’m not talking about the typical spray from bath and body works that I sometimes got as a teenager – you know the kind that you spray a cloud in the room and shimmy thought and where the scent the lingers more in the air than on your body but you’re lucky if it even decides to stick to your clothes? No; not that. What I’m talking about is truly-lustful perfume. I don’t know why but wearing it really makes me feel like a grown-women.

I’m not much of a makeup guru besides a good red lip, a wad of mascara, and a dust of powder. But I simply cannot resist an aroma of flavour here and there again. Its like a subtle little secret that radiates as my aura: an invisible mist which lingers around me and leaves a wake of smell wherever I’ve been.

Sometimes I feel as though my Christian life should be like that. Like I should leave a little piece of me behind with every interaction. Just a little bit of love in the form of a good memory. Whether it’s someone I meet for the first time, or someone who I’ve seen more than once. Regardless of the duration, I want that person to know my presence, especially when I’m gone.

I’ll never forget the time entered the house through the back door and the
first thing I noticed was stimulating scent of fresh strawberries. Oh, I never
wanted anything more delicious in that very-exact moment. The groceries had not yet been put away and there was a carton of red ripe strawberries on the counter. The smell compelled me and they looked so delicious, that I could not resist. So I took one and ate it. Savoured it. Wanted more!

In conclusion, here’s my valentines to you, dear friends: Give a spritz of love and let it linger. Let it set into the hearts of people you encounter daily. Let them think of you whenever something good happens to them. Let them rejoice with a smile and cry with laughter. Let them see the one true God, who’s Holy Spirit lives within the entity of your soul. Let them see Jesus because he is with you, always. Amen!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone,

Love EM ❤


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