Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day/Yesterday’s Reminiscence

Oh dear, what could have gone wrong? That was yesterday. My whole day was sort of out of wack. Literally a catastrophe. I didn’t know it then, but it started as soon as the clock struck twelve. Midnight.

11:30 am

Honestly, I don’t think I ever fall asleep before 12. I’m usually netflixing, or youtubing, or googling, or having random bursts of energy on the piano (‘phantom of the opera‘ is best played at this time). But that night ( which is not last night but the night before) I was working on a math assignment. A 20-question project on algebraic equations: B-E-D-M-A-S and solving X’s. I completed the assignment online and was immediately graded. Under 50%, too bad. At least I still have 2 of 3 tries left. I could have just stopped there, but I decided to look at the answers to find where I went wrong. No solutions were given so I had to keep trying until my answers matched. Lots of erasing and pencil marking was involved. Turns out I was making the same stupid mistake over and over again.

12:30 am

An hour later, I went to bed with still one unsolved problem plus a slightly upset stomach. Too much caffeine maybe? I don’t take to coffee very well and I did have a cup around 6 pm earlier. It’s the caffeine that makes me queasy. I ended up listening to my current audio book to help fall asleep. It’s called, ‘Surprise Me’, by Sophie Kinsella, one of my favourite authors. It’s not bad for an audio book, though I feel like it would be more enjoyable if purchased a hard copy and actually flipped though the pages.

Almost 2:00 am.

I fall asleep all tucked in, in my nice duvet. I can’t tell you what went on between now and then.

5:20 am

I have to pee. Really badly. I fumble out of bed, through the hallway, and into the washroom. As I make my way back to bed, I feel as if I am interrupted while in the middle of doing something. It’s that moment when you ask yourself, “What’s exactly am I supposed to be doing right now?” What time is it anyway? I look at my phone from under the pillow. Almost 5:30….hmmm…..Wait a second! Oh crap!

“Jo!” This is me yelling at my younger brother.


“What time time did you say your flight was, again?”


Double crap, “Get up! We have to go now. Hurry! I’ll be in the car” I didn’t bother changing I just threw on my winter coat. Keys. Wallet. Pocket Check. Glasses are in the car.

Thirteen green lights later and 110 km on the highway we arrived at the airport. The sales representative was unimpressed.

“Why were you late?”

Seriously, you’re not my mother.


Look, is it really that important?

“I slept in.” my brother pipes up.

As we leave the attendant reminds us, “Monday at 5:50. Be there an hour early for 4:40. I hope to see you there.”

I hope not. I mean yes, I want to be exceptionally early. But no, I don’t want to see you. If I do, perhaps I should file in a customer complaint? I didn’t quite catch her name. Nah, I’m not that type of person.

6:30 am.

Back to bed it is. All the excitement has caused my adrenaline to spike. I listen to my audio again until drifting off at 7:30. I relish the hour or so I have to sleep before getting up for work. Thank goodness I have the late-morning shift.

8:30 am

Five more minutes

8:45 am

Five more minutes.

8:50 am

Ok. I’m up. Hallelujah! I slip into my uniform (I showered after school yesterday) and do my best to assemble myself. I fix myself in the washroom and I’m ready to head out the door. For lunch I put some of mom’s leftover lasagna in a container. “Make sure to eat the rest if the food the fridge, while we’re away, dear!” I hear mother’s voice in the back if my head. I take two. Save the rest for dinner. My phone says its five after nine, so I must go. I also missed a call from work. Shit! I must have got my times mixed up. I start at 9:00 and not 9:30 as I previously recalled. First I miss my alarm set fir 3:35am and now this. I am very late for work, indeed!

9:30 am

To top off the bad start to the beginning of my shift, the rest of my 7.5 hours was a nightmare! I am not exaggerating one bit. I work on one the the busiest floors, but today was utterly ridiculous. I was totally frazzled come home time. I had 6 Six whole discharges on top of my daily cleanings. I’m lucky to have 2 or 3, and sometimes 4 discharges in a day is manageable. But 6, really? And they were all lumped close together too. It takes almost an hour to fully clean a discharge room and that’s going moderately fast. I was late on my breaks, and I had to call for back up ore than once.

5:00 pm

As soon as I start my car, the gas light goes on. Darn, I should be used to this series of unfortunate events, by now. I swear I had about half a quarter of a tank left left when I checked it the other day. I don’t even own an automatic start, so it’s not like I waste ten minutes every morning while my car heats up. Probably because of the airport run this morning.

To treat myself to the end of a successfully stressful shift, I decide to stop by Tim’s to grab a doughnut before getting gas and heading home. When I roll down my window to order it won’t budge. It was iced shut. Man, this winter! (Thank-fully, I got my snow tires on two weeks ago). I had to park my car and open the door to order and receive my food. I was more embarrassed than annoyed.

I almost lost my debit card at the gas station. Well I did loose it but I got it back soon after. Apparently, it fell out of my pocket and landed on the ground by the pump. I am ever so thank-full to the kind-hearted person who did the sweet favour of turning it in.

At last, finally, I arrive home just after 6 pm which completes my 12 hours of full on nonsense. I could do with a drink, right about now, thank-you!

Anyway, that all happened yesterday. Glad that’s behind me. Today was scrumptious! 🙂

Stay tuned,



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