Half Spontaneous Fun

Friendships……, in my definition, are half spontaneous fun.

I am totally stoked! Yipee! I’m excited to annouce that I booked a trip to Alberta during the second week of April. I’m going to visit my childhood best friend, Allie, who I haven’t seen in almost a year. Over time, as we’ve grown up, we’ve gone on our own separate paths. Although, we have always managed to reconnect somehow.

Well, this little exursion was really all planned at the last possible moment, about 2 weeks prior. Currenly, I’m in the middle of a job switch. I’ll be working at the same company but in a new department come the middle of April. I have some time off between the change over and so I’ve decided to take advantage of the 7 days of freedom, to do -well, exactly as I am planning to do- in about one days’ time. I think a much needed mini vacation would be……how shall I put it. Nice. Relaxing. Therapeutic…….?

Yes. Now, is just about time.

Be Spontaneous,



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