This Is Me

Hey everyone, it’s EM. Today is my birthday and so for my very first post I’ve decided to tell you 21 fun facts about myself. Just because I’m special!!! 🙂

  1. I am a christian.
  2. I am a culinary management graduate but I want to pursue further education and maybe become a registered dietician.
  3. I like pineapple in my caesar salad.
  4. In July 2016 I went on a 2-week mission trip to Panama.
  5. I’ve broken my big toe.
  6. Downton Abbey is my favorite TV series, but I also realky like Bones, Covert Affairs, and Riverdale.
  7. I choose Samsung over Apple any day.
  8. I come from a interracial family.
  9. If synesthesia is a thing, I want to meet someone who has it.
  10. I’m left-handed. Therefore my left is my right when driving in a car.
  11. I’m named after a Jane Austen Novel. How pathetically romantic!
  12. I love, love, love, anything mint, peppermint, spearmint, you name mint.
  13. I am a huge tea drinker.
  14. I am obsessed with Nancy Drew and Herinteractive PC games.
  15. I’m Hatian but I usually tell people I’m from Africa if they ask. (because that’s where all black people come from, right). LOL
  16. I’m a pianist and I write music on noteflight.
  17. I never mastered the art of blowing bubble gum, whistling, or using chop sticks. But I’m getting there.
  18. I have the unfortunate habit of breaking every electronic device I own. I swear it’s on accident.
  19. Once in a fitting room I got stuck in a bras so I had to cut myself out with sizors. For real though.
  20. I’m pretty sure I got a dent on my forehead when I hit my head on metal playground equipment. That was 7 years ago so please don’t ask.
  21. My birthday is 4/20. And no I don’t smoke Marijuana.

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